Gift In Will

Leaving a donation to us in your will is a simple way to help us in the future.

It's not complicated to do, and can make a big difference to us. Read on for more information on how you can gift in your will.

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What does it mean to gift in my will?

By leaving a simple instruction in your will, you can specify a donation to be made to any charity (or charities) of your choosing when the time comes to handle your estate. A donation through your will affords the same benefits as any regular donation in regards to tax and gifts to charity.

Leukaemia Support Queensland is:

  • endorsed as an income tax exempt charitable entity
  • endorsed as a deductible gift recipient
  • endorsed for GST concessions

How is it done?

You simply add a short instruction to your will, explaining the amount you wish to leave, and the details of the charity you wish to receive it. Like any instruction, you can revise or remove it at a later date. If you wish, you can also specify a dedication to add some narrative to your choice to donate.

What is the proper wording?

We cannot provide legal advice, and you should have everything checked by your solicitor. However, below is a suggested wording for inclusion in your will.

I [NAME] bequeath to Leukaemia Support Queensland (ABN 65985031090) [AMOUNT or PERCENTAGE of ESTATE or ASSET]. My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of Leukaemia Support Queensland.
I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer shall be a complete discharge of my bequest.

How do I choose an amount to give?

Only you can decide what you feel is the right amount to donate. However, you are not limited to specifying a fixed monetary amount. You could choose to leave a percentage of your estate (or the residue thereof) Alternatively you can donate a specific asset (or percentage of) such as a property or share portfolio.

Do I need to do anything else?

You don't need to inform us of your gift in will. However, we would love the opportunity to thank you and welcome anyone wishing to let us know their intentions. We'd also be happy to help answer any questions you might have about gifting. If your donation is likely to be significant in size, it can also be very helpful for us to know to assist in our planning for our funds.
Depending on your personal circumstances, you may also want to share your intentions with other beneficeries of your will.

Can I specify how my donation is used?

Our funds are used in a variety of ways, and our priorities may shift over time. However, if you have a specific desire for how your donation might be used, please talk to us in advance so that we can best accommodate your wishes. This is important to ensure that the will can be successfully executed. If you make a very specific request in your will without consulting us, we may find that we are unable to prove an ability to comply with it, and the donation could fail.

Have an idea or question?

We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line to find out answers to your questions, share your ideas or anything you want to chat about!